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"Work Force Coin is a Real Estate Investment Business. "

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Who we are

Buying and selling real estate investment properties; residential, commercial, hotels & resorts. Selling investment interest to investors, cryptocurrency coins your investment interest.


We have and provide an opportunity for potential investors who are looking to make or earn a rate of return on their investment that correlates with their risk tolerance.

    Real Estate Investment in these different types of properties

  • Commercial Real Estate
    • Office Buildings
    • Retail
    • Industrial
    • Multifamily
    • Hotel
    • Special Purpose- amusement parks
    • Residential Properties
      • Single Family
      • Condos
      • Townhomes
      • Resorts

    If you would like to speak with us regarding new membership or investment opportunities contact us @

Real Estate Acquisitions:

Our plan is to purchase real estate properties residential, commercial, hotels, resorts in North America, Europe, and Asia valued at least 15% below market value.

Real Estate Rehab

Rehab real estate properties as needed.

Real Estate Holding

Retain certain real estate properties for rental income and market appreciation.

Real Estate Divestments:

Sell real estate properties for profit.

Acquisition of properties along with profits, rents, divestments, and appreciation may provide the intrinsic value in Work Force Coin cryptocurrency token. Also the trading of our Work Force Coincryptocurrency token on crypto-exchanges there is a possibility that there will be a demand for WFC's tokens in which may cause an increase in supply and demand thereby increasing Work Force Coin token trading price.

Members of Work Force Coin LLC can participate in any earnings and or profits made through WFC's funds in real estate.

Work Force Coin LLC
Real Estate Investment Company

Offering Memorandum


Work Force Coin LLC Financial Documents

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Work Force Coin History

In 2016, after 25 years investing in the stock market, Mark Hayes started mining Bitcoin and Ethereum. He watched them fluctuate and trade between $1K and $20K a coin.
All the while, he listened to analysts express concern at the sudden value increases and decreases in digital crypto - was it reliable?

Many said it was "too ethereal" due to its lack of backing by concrete assets. Traditional experts preferred investing their money in something they could touch rather than digital currencies traded on "illusion without substance."

Mark teamed up with his wife, Ethel, and together they decided to use their real estate backgrounds to start their crypto business. So, why tie real estate, specifically?

Real estate is an asset you can see and touch it rarely decreases to zero value. Real estate maintains a value based on market demand real estate is easily appraised and valued.

Work Force Coin's approach is to anticipate forming a correlation between real estate, and Work Force Coin cryptocurrency token where the real estate acquired hopefully providing the intrinsic value.

By tying Work Force Coin cryptocurrency token and real estate, the hope is that WFC through real estate profits, divestments, rents and appreciation will allow investors to monitor and maintain their coins' worth through real estate purchased through WFC's portfolio.

Work Force Coin LLC
Real Estate Investment Deals

Real Estate Deals

  • PROPERTY IN WHITTIER, CA $496,000 3-BEDROOMS & 1 BATH. In Escrow Negotiated purchase price $506,000.

  • PROPERTY PURCHASE LISTING CONTACT. Work Force Coin has enter into a purchase listing contract in Rialto, California.

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